Damaged "plist"?

A Pan6 database I am trying to convert to PanX has now refused to open. It gives the following error message. Can anything be done? I put a lot of work into that conversion recently. I have Time machine backup, but a lot of re-do would be necessary. Did I do something wrong with that file when I last saved it?



If you have more than one version of Panorama X on your computer, or another computer with an older version, then your last save may have been with a version that wasn’t doing integrity checking.

You can turn that feature off under the Advanced tab in Panorama X Preferences.

Thanks for the help, guys.

Spotlight shows I have TWO PanoramaX versions. The one in my Applications folder is version 10.1.2(2854). Another version is in my Downloads folder. It is version 10.2.0.b26. Since it is a beta version, I did not replace the older version in my Applications folder. That version shows that I’m “up-to-date” in PanX with 10.1.2!

So, which is the REAL up-to-date version. Which version should I place in the Applications folder?

I turned off Integrity Checking in my 10.2 version, and the corrupted file now opens - thank goodness. Should I now always use the 10.2 version? Why does the 10.1.2 version tell me I’m already up-to-date? And don’t I remember Jim saying that with a subscription, Panorama will always update itself to the correct version when it first opens?


All Panorama X versions so far are beta. Use the 10.2.0 b26.

I think Bruce meant to say all Panorama X 10.2 versions are beta.

We’re at an awkward moment in Panorama X history. The 10.2 versions are beta, but I believe they are more stable than 10.1. So yes, I recommend that you trash the 10.1 version, and move the 10.2 version to the Applications folder.

Since the 10.2 version is still officially “beta”, the 10.1 version does not automatically show that update.

Also, Panorama 10.2 has a new mechanism for delivering automatic updates. When the final 10.2 version is ready, the “old” update mechanism will be changed so that anyone running 10.1 will be offered the new version. I’ve debated, perhaps that should be done now.

Having a subscription means that you don’t have to pay an extra fee for updates. It doesn’t have anything to do with automatic updates.

Yes. And you should probably turn integrity checking back on. This isn’t required, but it’s a valuable new feature that can warn you if a database gets corrupted on your disk. Very rare, but I’m sure you’d like to have an immediate warning if that happened.

As long as you don’t use 10.1 any more, you won’t have any problem with using the integrity checking feature unless there is actual corruption that occurs on your drive.