Customizing the View-as-List Color Arrangement

Is there an easy way to change the fill of the cursor used in record selection? It is too opaque to read through it.

There is no easy way, nor is there a difficult way. But more importantly, the cursor is displayed under the text, with the text displayed in white, so it doesn’t obscure the text at all. There is no issue of “opacity”.

When I select a record in a view as list form, the black typeface in each field is obscured by the cursor.

This is completely documented on the View-as-List help page.

I think it would be helpful to both you and everyone else here if you would slow down a bit before pressing the Submit button on your help requests. For example, from your original question above, there is no way anyone else could have known you were talking about a View-As-List form. In your other thread today, you simply asserted that the dayofweek( function “didn’t work” with no details and without showing us the actual formula you were trying to use – which in this case didn’t even use the dayofweek( function! Perhaps take a moment to review your posts before you press Submit and think about whether someone that cannot see your screen can possibly know what you are talking about. If not, you’ll most likely get an answer much faster if you add enough additional detail that others can at least understand the question you are asking.