Custom export blank template

I do custom text exports frequently. In Pan6 I could empty the bottom part and drag 3 out of 55 fields down as needed. In PanX the Export Column Arrrangement block lists all fields and AFAIK then requires the user to hit the minus button to get rid of unwanted fields. I have started setting up a blank Template (well, with only one field, you can’t have a blank anymore), and use that to build whatever I need at that moment.

Also, I almost always use tab delimited files (have an aversion to CSV files dating back decades). Yet the Format box always defaults to CSV. Is that a preference I can set somewhere?

PS. should say that I know that a “template” saves that preference.

If you click the blueprint icon you can just select a batch of fields and delete them from the export in a fell swoop. This is mentioned in the documentation, scroll down to Blueprint.

Thanks, Jim. I have looked at the blueprint thingy from time to time, but it scared me so I made it go away. Now, if you’re going to threaten me with “documentation” I might just have to institutionalize myself.


With great power comes … documentation :slightly_smiling_face:

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