Cursor behaviour in the procedure editor

Editing a procedure, when one pastes the clipboard contents to an insertion point or text selection, the cursor can jump to another line instead of staying at the end of the pasted text. It can jump to the line above the insertion point, the line below or even two lines below. About half the time the cursor stays at the correct location.

This is a cosmetic issue as the actual insertion point stays where it should be, and when one starts typing the letters appear where the insertion point should be and not in the line it has jumped to on the screen.

Having lived with this irritating behaviour for several years, I finally decided to post, as it does not seem to have been raised by anyone although surely we have all observed it if we edit procedures. Can anyone confirm?

I have not seen this behaviour in other text editors, so I’m hoping it’s peculiar to Panorama procedures and can be fixed. It doesn’t seem to be included in Jim’s list of Denali fixes.

I haven’t seen this behavior you are referring to. I obviously use the procedure editor a lot, and for me the paste command works exactly as it does in any other program I use.

Thanks, Jim.

We see this cursor behaviour on two MacBook Pros (both 15", a 2016 running High Sierra and a 2019 with Mojave) on which we use the procedure editor, which is why I assumed it was common.

I could make a screen recording to illustrate the problem if you think there’s any point.

What do you mean by “the cursor”? There is a blinking vertical line that appears in the text at the point where the next character will be inserted. I have never seen or heard of that ever being in the wrong spot.

There is also the “I-beam” that follows the mouse. The I-beam can be at a different spot than the insertion point, and often is. But that is normal to all applications.

I guess if you want to make a movie then we will all be on the same page as to what you are talking about. But I don’t think there is anything wrong with pasting in the procedure editor, unless you have some sort of system extension installed on your systems that is causing unusual behavior.

I am referring to the blinking vertical line that appears at the point where the next character will be inserted.

Thanks for your suggestion regarding system extensions which might explain why our computers both suffer from this phenomenon. I’ll follow that up.

If you are typing on a laptop, it is very possible that the cursor is jumping due to accidentally touching the trackpad. I have a love/hate relationship with trackpads!

I found the cause of the problem, an antique text expander originally called iKey and later yKey, which was installed on both our Macs. It was set to activate only on Panorama.

Thank you for your advice, Jim.

I’m glad neither of us was going crazy. :slight_smile:

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