Curser Prompt requires use of mouse and click

Is there any way to fix the fact that the data box requires you to move the curser and click? When entering a lot of data, this is very time consuming and frustrating. Thank you

I think you may be a new PanX user. The forum is good way to learn new skills; actually for experienced users also. I agree that mousing and clicking in the next object is very inconvenient. I think you need a form with data boxes (PanX calls them Text Editor objects).
To create a form, choose New Form under the View Menu. Then you can easily fill with the desired Text Editors using the Construct Menu, then choosing Fields and Variables. You can pick the fields that you want to include on your form, and click construct to add them. You can now tab from field to field.

You can move the Text Editors and labels around and resize to suit your wishes.

You can learn a lot more about the Text Editors in the Help system; choose Text Editor Object.

Is this helpful? Too basic?

I’m afraid I don’t understand this question. I would think the tab key would serve this purpose, since apparently it doesn’t, could you clarify what you mean?

Actually, if you click to view Michael’s bio he says he has used Panorama “since inception.”

Thank you Tom…. I data entry without issues skipping to the next column…but when I run billing programs, each time I need to select a client or date perameters its a pain.

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What does “when I run billing programs” mean?

When I run a macro to bill a client, the first box that appears is for me to type in the client’s. name. The cursor does not default to the box, so I have to click with my mouse on the box prior to typing in.

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Billling Program- Its a macro that has me select the client, and date parameters for invoices. The client selection, start and ends dates require me clicking on the dialogue box. I would expect the program to default to the current open box in the macro to immediately fill in.

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This is a known bug which has been fixed, the fix will be available when Panorama X 10.2. (Actually, this is due to a change in macOS, the current version of Panorama does work the way you want in older versions of macOS. Apple made a change that broke this, but with some help from an Apple engineer we figured out how to get it to work again.)

Don’t I remember that this is fixed in the upcoming next version?