Curious Processor Activity

This morning I noticed that the fans on one of my computers were running hard. After a bit of investigating I discovered an odd scenario involving Panorama.

If Panorama Help is open as the active file, cpu usage for Panorama tends to be fairly low.

If it’s open behind any other Panorama windows, cpu usage soars to around 100%.

Close the Help file and Panorama completely disappears from the list most of the time.

This is on an Intel Mini running Ventura but I was able to duplicate the results on an M1 MacBook also running Ventura.

This was all discussed back in May and Jim blamed it on a Help file timer that he then changed to only run when the Help file was the active window. I tried to show that the problem existed when the Help file was open but not the active window - just as you are indicating. He also said he doubted it was actually using that much of the CPU’s resources but that the Activity monitor only thought it was.

Just as a precaution I have gotten into the habit of closing the Help file when not directly using it. I have also had occasion when using this file where the search box will no longer respond to typing and I have to close the window and reopen a new copy to continue.

I’m hoping a future version won’t need the timer, and hopefully that will solve the problem.

That said, this issue doesn’t seem to happen on all computers. It doesn’t happen on my M1 13" MacBook Pro, but it did happen on my Intel MacBook Pro. :man_shrugging: