Crosstab support

A lot of my workflow depends on crosstabs.

What is the estimated schedule for crosstab support?

That makes me very happy. Crosstabs are one of my favorite features, but I’ve gotten almost zero feedback over the years so I assume they are rarely used. You are the first person to ask about using them in Panorama X. I use them myself quite a bit.

That said, I don’t have an estimated schedule for crosstab support. I am still mulling over how to implement them in Panorama X.

Here’s my vote for crosstabs. I have used at least one or more of them in most of my databases. I use them to provide on-screen information where a report would be too detailed. For example, in a database of clients: “How many clients do I have by status (6 categories) by county of residence (4-5 counties)?” Or, “How many male/female clients do I have by traumatic/non-traumatic etiology?” If all you need is a number for a report you are filling out then the crosstabs tool is a fast way to come up with an answer.

Gosh, I use crosstabs quite often, it’s one of my favorite and go-to features. I use them for analysis and for preparing data for financial reporting on a weekly if not daily basis. One of those Panorama features that I’ve not found in any other app, but one that I cannot live without! Along with server/client……

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I use Crosstabs as my output of queries virtually 100% of the time. It’s also very cumbersome to do in FileMaker, which makes Pan the preferred choice.