Cross reference or index of the contents of the videos/slides

I am constantly trying to find in which video or slide-set a given subject is covered. Sometimes this is easy. But more often it is not.

Just now I was looking for reference for form blueprints. Looking in the PX Training page, they were mentioned in the info panel of the first of the several videos about forms, so that was pretty quick. But not infrequently it’s hard to find the right video/slide set.

If indexing the contents of the videos were an easy job it would have been done already and maybe it will be one day. As a workaround in the meantime, would it be possible to produce a deduplicated list of the headings in the Keynote slides? Does Keynote have blueprints too?

It would be very handy.

David Duncan

I used my first Pan X database to take notes and keyword the videos as I sat through the presentations. Of course, it’s keyworded by what’s important to me and I wasn’t always consistent. For me it works though to find a lot of topics as I need them.

A big help that’s available to you is the PDF slides. Acrobat can search an entire folder for a word or phrase. Once you locate it in the slies, it’s not hard to find it in the movies too. Now I’m using Bookmarks in Acrobat to help find things again.