Creating PopUp List of old Pan files without .pan extension?

I’m trying to create a popup list with all files in a folder that are old Pan 6 files without the .pan extension. I rarely used the .pan extension in practice, as I don’t have much need for Windows compatibility, and I’ve been using some of these Pan apps I’ve created for close to 25 years. I’ve tried several functions, including filetypecreator, but all of them seem to be based on the file’s extension rather than on the old type and creator codes found in the file. How do we narrow a folder’s files down to just Pan 6 files?

I’m doing this so I can create a Pan/AppleScript utility to pull data in from Pan 6 files (which I’m still using in production) into PanX files that are still under construction and near completion, to put them into production with the latest data. I have a rough utility put together; just trying to narrow down the list of files in the popup to true Pan files.

This AppleScript will return a list of all the Pan 6 files in a folder. You could then use an ArrayFilter to weed out those that have the .pan extension.

set theFolder to choose folder tell application "Finder" set theList to name of every file in theFolder whose file type is "ZEPD" end tell return theList

Thanks, Dave. That works–it’s glacially slow (AppleScript, anyone?), but it works.

Wish there was a faster native Pan alternative. One more for the wish list. :wink: