Crashing & changing data

Panorama keeps crashing. Also it changes data on me like dates of records. This app is almost unusable for me. I am a low level user. Is there any simple solution? Please someone write an app to replace Bento.

And it misforms pages so that lines at the top or bottom cannot be scrolled onto the screen. (I have bungled into a fix for this latter but not sure what it was. Something to do with changing to Graphics Mode and back.)

If you can be a little more specific with what is going wrong, the discussion group can probably help you. My experience is that there are few problems that cannot be resolved for most use cases.

Also useful to know if you are importing an existing Panorama 6 DB or starting from scratch in Pan X. My own experience in importing has been that the crashing has essentially gone away as I have found some of the old commands and syntax changes that don’t carry over and work in the new system.