Crashes in Panorama X 10.1 vs. 10.2, and database integrity preferences

I need help.

I am not a programmer. If fact, I don’t understand 90% of the discussions on this forum, but I follow them every day. I have used every version back to and including OverVue. I have survived by using the recorder to make my procedures. Since the new versions don’t record mouse clicks, it’s become somewhat harder for me. I have purchased all the training videos, but never watched them due to time limitations. The costs are donations to a worthy cause - kudos to Jim.

Main Problem (I have many):
I have a corrupted DB. I know this because it regularly freezes and crashes (multiple times a day). Sometimes, after it crashes, it will not open, and I must go back to the most recent backup. In the past, I exported the data and reviewed the text for anything that didn’t look right. I really didn’t know what I was looking for. Found nothing. Imported it back. Nothing changed. I don’t know how to create a new DB without having to copy and paste hundreds of procedures. Although I’ve had these problems with this DB for years, I still use it every day. My concern is this: Beta 10.2 will not save a corrupted DB. I will not be able to use this DB if I upgrade. I need some guidance here.

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This is more easily solved by opening View Organiser from the View menu from both files and dragging forms and/or procedures from one window to the other.

Thank you, Michael.
I appreciate your reply and help. I will do that this week. Hopefully that will fix this nightmare of a database. Then I can upgrade to 10.2.

I forgot to ask earlier:

  1. Can the corruption be in either the structure, data, or procedures?
  2. When I build the replacement DB, if the corruption is still there, does that mean it is in the data or procedures?
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First up - this set of posts should be in a new thread, perhaps “How to fix a corrupted database?”. Can you fix that please Jim?

Corruption can be anywhere but data is more likely than anything else. I suggest that you make a copy of your database, delete all records and add a couple of new records. Then quit Panorama X and run your tests again. If that fixes it, the corruption is in your data. In that case, make another copy of your original database, delete half of the records and test again. Continue this binary reduction of your data until you isolate the corrupted record(s).

If the data is OK, do a similar thing with your forms - in a copy database, delete half of them and so on.

Somebody else may like to offer up a better approach than the above.

First of all, I don’t think you know that you have a corrupted database. Just because there’s a crash doesn’t mean that the database was corrupted. It could be, but not necessarily.

Panorama X 10.2 has a lot of bug fixes, especially if you are using Big Sur. Many users have reported that Panorama X 10.2 greatly reduced or even completely eliminated the crashes they encounter.

I just now reviewed the crash reports submitted by your computer. You are indeed running Big Sur. I can’t review every crash on your system, but I can immediately see that for sure the bulk of the crashes you have experienced are due to bugs that have been fixed in 10.2, and have nothing to do with corrupted data. I think you should upgrade to 10.2 immediately.

Assuming this actually is corrupted data, Panorama X 10.2 will eliminate the problem of being unable to open a database saved to the disk. If a database does get corrupted in memory, Panorama 10.2 will refuse to save it – because saving it would overwrite the non-corrupted copy on the disk with the corrupted copy in memory. This is a super good thing, it means you won’t have to go back to the most recent backup, but only to the most recently saved version, which is probably much more recent than a backup. Why would you want to permanently save corrupted data and overwrite your most recent good copy of a database?

Well, actually it can do. All you need to do is open the Preferences window, go to the Advanced panel, and uncheck the Check database integrity when opening & saving option. This disables all integrity checks, then Panorama 10.2 works just like previous versions. I don’t recommend doing this, it’s sort of like disabling the fire alarms in your house because you find the beeping annoying when there’s a fire. But it’s your choice.

Thanks again for your help. I’m getting quite an education in just a few emails. I probably should have addressed this problem a long time ago.

Sorry for the wrong thread caption. Although I follow the forum daily, I have never posted before. I don’t know how to start a new thread. I didn’t even know how to ask the questions, so I just replied to one of your posts (not realizing I would mess-up your thread). Is there anything I can do now, so I don’t keep coming in on the wrong thread?

Thanks Jim. I will follow your advice and upgrade to 10.2.

I thought it was corrupted, not because of the crashes, but because of the times when it just would not open again. I never had that happen with any other db.

Another matter:
I would like to change the user-id and email of my subscription. Do I do that by signing on to, or is there another way?

Thanks again for your help and advice. You and Michael have helped this grasshopper tremendously.

If you look at the upper right corner of the main page, you will see something like this.

Screen Shot 2021-11-20 at 10.26.48 PM

Minus my picture of course. Click where it says + New Topic and you will get something like this.

Type your title. Choose a category, and ask your question.

I think BaldEagle had not been a member long enough to start a new topic.

I’m not saying the file definitely wasn’t corrupted. Once you start running 10.2, we’ll know for sure.

By your “subscription”, if you mean your Panorama account, you change that by opening the Site License window from within Panorama itself, then go to the Credentials panel. There is no user-id.

If you mean your subscription to this forum, you can change that right from this window. In the upper right hand corner you’ll see a B in a yellowish circle - click that, then click the person icon, then choose Preferences (gear). You can then change your information.

I think he probably @BaldEagle did have the ability to start a new topic - though he hadn’t posted before today, he joined in 2016 and has read hundreds of posts. Alan, you can definitely post to new topics now, and you should if you have a new question. But don’t worry about the fact that today you posted in the “wrong” place, it’s not a big deal and in any case I fixed it for you even this time. Welcome to being an active participant in the forum.

He’s had the ability to start a new topic since July 16 of 2016.

Thank you, David.
I never had a clue how to do any of this. Like I said, I’m getting quite an education. I was comfortable through v6, but when we went to v10 I started to get lost. Besides that, I’m not a programmer and I don’t use Pano professionally (just for my own dbs), so I feel like an outsider on the forum. The questions I’m asking are second nature to all of you, and I’m the "He doesn’t have a clue guy.” I guess that’s why I never reached out in the past for help. I didn’t want to bother the pros with “stupid questions.” Now I wish I did a long time ago. My Pano life would have been much easier.

I really appreciate all the help I’ve received.
Thanks again,

I followed the instructions and:

Pano Account: I was able to change my email.

Forum Preferences: I could not change my name (BaldEagle to Alan) - no option to change

What did I miss?

How do you imbed a screen shot? It doesn’t look like "Attach file” is used.

In Preferences, click the pencil icon next to your username.

That will bring up a page like this.

If the screen shot is in a file, you can drag it from the Finder, onto the box where you are typing your post. If you have copied the image to the clipboard, you can just paste it in.