Crash Report for Administrators of Shared DBs

Jim, you have mentioned that you get some kind of report to show crashes and sometimes get a idea of what caused the crash, or at least what was running when the crash occurred. As an admin, I would like to find out when a user has crashed, and I have learned that they do not report most crashes. Is there a way that I can find out without the user’s action?

No, there’s no way for you to receive the crash reports – they are posted to the server using a special protocol (not email or any method that could be redirected elsewhere). Also, the crash reports would make no sense to you, as they only contain Objective-C information. They do not contain any information about what Panorama code is running, what variables are being used, or anything like that. Here’s the information from a recent crash report, I think you’ll agree that this is not helpful to you. In fact, so far this particular report has not been helpful to me either, but some of the reports are quite helpful.

There’s one more issue – the report isn’t sent out until the next time Panorama launches. So if you’re thinking you might contact the user to ask them about what happened, that won’t necessarily work unless they immediately relaunch Panorama. But in any case, there’s simply no way to redirect these reports – there is a whole complicated system set up to get them to flow to and then to an analysis database.

Okay. Thanks for the explanation.