"Could not open [DB] on [Server

New data: I’ve been using an older MB Pro for my server; I retired it because it had problems with that damned Touch Bar, but also I vaguely remember that it had some connection issues. Just now I went to download the .31 update and the first time it wouldn’t install and now I’m trying to download it again and it has stalled partway through. (Background)
So I started up another server I installed on a different MB Pro that works fine and tried to upload the problem DB onto that and presto! it uploaded without a whimper. I don’t want to run my server on that, but it looks like I need to bite the bullet and buy a cheap MacMini to use as a server. Do you agree that funky or intermittent network connection on the computer I’m using as a server could be causing these symptoms?

I would think so. That’s why I brought it up a few days ago.

:frowning_face: :grinning: :thinking:
So I set myself up with a brand-new server, assuming that the one I’d been using had some funky connection problems. I uploaded my first database to it without any problem at all. I uploaded my second without any problem at all. And then:
I tried to upload my third database and it’s back to square 1. Panorama tries to upload the DB to the server and all the old troubles come back to haunt me just as before (see the beginning of this thread.
But I thought about Jim’s Jan. 13 post and tried copying the offending files directly onto the new server computer and uploading them from there. Triumph! all my files are now shared and happy.
So as Jim said, there’s apparently something wrong with my main desktop (or my main desktop’s Panorama). It’s a fairly new M1 Mac Mini running OSX 12.6.2, so it shouldn’t be giving me trouble, but you can’t argue with facts.
Anyhow, the saga is ended, though I’m not happy that the underlying issue seems to be still there…