Corrupted Database?

The document “music database” could not be saved. CORRUPTED DATA in music database at record 102655, record length exceeds 2GB

Is this problem back again?

Looks to me like Panorama’s new data integrity feature has saved your bacon. Before saving a database from RAM to disk, Panorama checks to make sure that there is no corruption in the data. In this case, there is, so the data cannot be saved. Without this check, your un-corrupted file on disk would be overwritten and you would no longer have an un-corrupted copy of the file.

Unfortunately there is no way to tell how the data has gotten corrupted in memory. It could be a hardware problem with your computer (most likely unreliable RAM), a cosmic ray (seriously, if a cosmic ray goes thru your RAM chip it can flip a bit), or a software problem.

Thanks - the database as you suggest if fine.