Corrupted Data, can't save or close

Now what do I do?
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More details could help, but this might be all you need; Corrupted Database? - #2 by admin

I think what you do is close the database and then re-open it. The database did not save any corrupted data (that’s the point of checking the integrity before saving), so you can open the database in an uncorrupted state.

I had no other details. It “just happened”. Nothing extraordinary was going on. I’ve never seen this before, and hope never to see it again.

I could NOT close the DB in the normal fashion. The error message popped up insistently and the only option was OK. So I had to force quit. Several more rounds of the same. I retrieved a backup copy and eventually when opening the damaged file there was a mess of stuff at the bottom, all splattered data in various fields. Record 1 cell 0 was useless info. I think a later iteration referred to record 730, but that was also useless to me. It would have been wonderful if I could have closed the DB and it didn’t save corrupted data as you suggest. But it would not close. And when forced to close, it did have corrupted data once I managed to reopen it. In other words, there are other things that happen than what you describe. If it had been that simple, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

The only way the sequence you describe would be possible would be if you had a file that had somehow gotten corrupted on the disk, and you have turned the Database Integrity option off. In that case, Panorama won’t check the database when it opens, and it will allow the corrupted data into memory. Some Panorama operations check the integrity as they go, so eventually the problem was caught – but by that time it was too late to handle it gracefully.

If the Database Integrity option is turned on, this can’t happen. If a file is somehow corrupted on the disk, Panorama will refuse to open it. The end result is the same, you’ll have to go find a good backup copy of the file. But in the meantime, you won’t waste any time trying to work on a corrupted file, and possibly even damage another file.

No, I had not turned that off. Didn’t even know it was there.