Corrupted Data - Best way out?

When I receive this error message, it seems like it is not possible to Discard, Duplicate, Cancel, Save, or Revert Changes. The only option that I have found is to ‘Force Quit’ Panorama.

Is there something that I am missing?

This message means that the database is corrupted. Panorama is about to crash, but it’s trying to see if it can carry on somehow. Apparently in your case it cannot, so Force Quit is the only way out.

This message is one that should never appear. It could mean that there is a hardware problem with your computer memory, or it could mean that there is a bug in Panorama. However, I don’t know of any bug that would cause this, and you are the first person to ever report seeing this alert. This alert was added to Panorama about 2 years ago, before that it would have just crashed if such an error was encountered. Which in this case it is still doing, so not really very helpful. However, in the past it might have saved the database before crashing – now it guarantees that the corrupted info is not written to the disk. You may lose the recent changes but you won’t lose ALL of the data. So actually this alert (or actually the logic behind the alert) is helpful, because it is protecting the permanent copy of your database on the disk.

It is not all that rare. Perhaps once every 2 months.

Interestingly, as I did have my typical 6-9 other database open at the time, I moved to each one, did a Close Database for each, and then when I had only this single database left to close, I was able to then successfully close database and not save changes. It just would not let me do it while other databases were open.

Though the bold portion of the error message itself is generated by Panorama, the alert is actually displayed by Apple’s code. I have no clue what the Duplicate, Discard and Cancel buttons are supposed to do. Apple’s code asks Panorama to save the database, Panorama determines that that is not possible and return an error code and message to Apple. Apparently Apple then displays this alert, at least on whatever version of macOS you are running. So I have no idea why that alert would work differently depending on whether any other databases were open, that logic is completely invisible to me.

We hear this excuse regularly. Regardless, we will continue to believe that you are all knowing and can do anything.

Wishing you the best for the rest of the holidays and enjoy your family with some time off.