Copy/Duplicate field between databases

I have been cloning convention registration databases from year to year since 2009. There are always 2 and sometimes 3 “live” databases. The most active one, the next one up, inspires wonderful innovations, or so I like to think. If they are procedures or forms, I can copy them forward, but is it possible to copy a field between databases?

E.g., I now print refund checks out of the database, but the form needs data from a relatively new field added to the '22 database that isn’t in the '23 database. I can add and conform new fields in the '23 database, but I was hoping for a slicker way out.

Later – I tried the Construct Multiple Fields function to insert 5 fields into a database, using the insert before current field option. Jim noted in connection with another matter where I had forcequit thinking PanX was frozen when I tried to insert a field. So this time I waited 10 minutes. BTW, would it be a useful thing to have a timer cursor or something so that a user would know if a function like inserting a field is taking longer than expected?

Next on my list – I’m going to make all fields visible in my '23 database and see if I can insert a field or 5 successfully.

And then, if that fails, I might clone my '22 DB and import all the '23 records, except then I’ll have to review all sorts of procedures and defaults. Hmmm. Maybe I won’t do that.

AHA! When I went into my '23 DB to see what fields were hidden, I found the 5 new fields I’d (successfully) inserted with the Construct Multiple Fields function! So I made them visible. But AFAIK, I still had to force quit. 10+ minutes waiting should have been enough anyway.

No. In most cases that wouldn’t even make any sense. However, I think what your application probably actually calls for is for you to set up a relation and do a join.

Unfortunately, the main delay in inserting a field is in Apple’s code, so there is no way I can make a progress indicator for that. But for your database size it should only take a few seconds, not ten minutes.