Cookies are not baked

This is a Pan 6 thing, but I can’t seem to make cookies work anymore. I have a file which sets a cookie ( setcookie “name”,«ID» ) then displays an HTML form in a browser to submit some information. When the form is submitted to a procedure in another file the first thing it does is load getcookie(“name”) into a variable. Unfortunately it won’t do it. If I use setcookie, then getcookie in a procedure within the same file, it works.

In the first scenario, I can see a cookie was loaded to the browser in the browser’s prefs, but I can’t retrieve it. I have done this many times in the past, but it doesn’t want to work now. I’m on OS 10.11 and I’m testing it with Safari and Chrome.

Any ideas?

I assume that you are talking about a procedure on a web server. That is the only way that the setcookie statement works.

I don’t know why you are having a problem with cookies. It shouldn’t have anything to do with the version of OS X you are using. Cookies are really a feature of the web browser. Whenever a URL request is sent from the browser to the web server, any cookie values for that domain are also sent to the web server (Apache). The web server has the option to modify the values and send them back to the browser, which then stores them until the next URL request to the server.

You talk about “files”, I assume you mean different Panorama databases. However, cookies don’t have anything to do with databases. The web browser has no idea that a Panorama database even exists. Cookie values are not stored in the database, or anywhere on the server, they are stored in the web browser on the client computer.

I know that cookies are stored on the browser and setcookie is creating a cookie on the browser but for some reason, getcookie is not retrieving it. If I create a simple procedure that says Thisfield=getcookie(“cookiename”), Thisfield remains empty even though I know there is a cookie value on the browser.