Converting Pan6 dbs to PanX

I am using MacOS 12.4 Monterey on a MacBook Pro (13 inch, 2020) laptop with Panorma X Pro 10.2.0.b26 (4060). Unfortunately, I have numerous data base files I made with Panorama 6 which I never converted to Panorama X files, but now I need to access them. In the ‘Kind’ column of the Apple folder view, they are each labelled ‘Panorma X 10.2.0.b22 (3846).app Document’.
When I click on one of these files, I get the following message: ‘The document “example” could not be opened. PanoramaX cannot open files of this type.’
If I add the ‘.pan’ extention to the file and then try to open it, I receive the following message: ‘File ‘example.pan’ does not contain a valid Panorama 6 database’.
What do I need to do in order to open my old Panorama 6 databases?

Here is the Panorama X Help information about Importing Panorama 6 files.

It says about older Panorama files:

Panorama 6 Only

Panorama X can only import databases that have been previously saved in Panorama 6. If you are still using an earlier version of Panorama, you will need to first open and save your database in Panorama 6 before it can be imported into Panorama X. Panorama X will display an error message if you attempt to open a database that was saved with Panorama 5.5 or earlier.

I hope you still have an older Mac where you are able to open and save those files in Panorama 6.

Thanks for this. I do have my old laptop which, I believe, has Panorama 6 on it, so I can go in there, save all the databases and then transfer them to my newer laptop and try to open them in PanoramaX. Thanks again.

I checked further and I I have an older version of Panorama X on my older laptop – no Panorama 6. So, I have no way to open the old databases in Panorama 6. Can you install it on a Mac running OS 12.4? If not, is there some other way to ‘convert’ my old databases to text and then import them into new Panorama X databases?

You can’t install it on a Mac running 12.4, but you can still download the installer, and then transfer it to your old Mac.

Open Preferences in Panorama X and click the “Install Panorama 6” button. It will download the Panorama600_121629.dmg disk image to your downloads folder. You can then transfer that to your old machine, and run the installer there.


Thanks for that info. My old Mac laptop is running OS 10.15.7 Catalina. Will the Panorama 6 Installer work on that OS?

No. The last OS that could run a 32 bit application like Panorama 6, was OS 10.14 Mojave.

If you have a Mojave or earlier OSX installer and Parallels you should be able to install that Pan 6 on an earlier version running under Parallels, if it’s an Intel Mac. That might be an easier option for some. I don’t think such is possible on Apple Silicon.