Converting macros

Mr Rea and Forum
I’m struggling with converting my macros and was wondering if classes were being scheduled to help us poor students.
I’ve tried converting two DBs. One is running in PanX but it dropped all of the Pan6 macros. The other DB brought the macros over to PanX but the file is running in Pan6 mode. Thirty macros had issues in this conversion. With the help of the program half of them have been repaired. The other half still has issues but the program won’t highlight the problem line. These 15 macros have either one of two problems: Syntax error or Missing right parenthesis. These macros ran fine in Pan6 without these two issues. Why won’t the program highlight the problem code?
Thank you for any help.

To highlight the spot of a problem, just click on the Check tool.

Also, whenever an error message appears at the bottom (yellow area), you can click anywhere in the yellow area to jump to the spot of the error.

However, for a problem like missing right parenthesis, Panorama isn’t going to be able to find the spot of the error – the parenthesis is missing, it cannot highlight it! So for any kind of error that involves a mismatch, you have to find the error yourself.

If you post the actual code that is having the problem, probably someone here can point out what the problem is.

Most of the time, that is true, however, I have two procedures that throw errors and don’t highlight any text. One shows “Missing Operand” and the other is “Syntax Error”. I can’t find any problem with either procedure. I can even cut all the text (leaving a blank procedure) and I still get the same errors when checking the procedure. I created a new, blank procedure, pasted the code from the original procedure into it and I got the same error without any text being highlighted.

This sounds like a problem that could be fixed if I had a copy of this procedure code.