Converting a website from 6 to X

FWIW, I’m in the process of converting an immense amount of programming from a Panorama 6 driven website to Panorama X.

All of the programming is contained in a central file. The first time I opened the file in PanX and looked at the view menu, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the majority of the procedures were not listed with a red exclamation mark. On those that did, the vast majority were resolved by eliminating setFilePermissions and SetChanges along with an occasional PDFSetup.

Of course there are going to be other changes required, but the fact that this got the site brought up to date on the coding was a huge relief. The single biggest task to getting it fully enabled for running on PanX appears to be the large number of places I’ve picked apart the cgiParameters variable for incoming form data.

Rather than rewrite everything that uses cgiParameters, I’m taking advantage of the workaround suggested two years ago:

Over time I’ll reduce the number of places I use it, but it’s certainly helping to cut the conversion time to an astonishing low level.