Convert a Summary record to a data record

I have some older databases where, in order to get certain forms printed properly, I had to select one of the records and convert it to a summary. The issue is that, if I create summaries, then when the form printed, there was an extra line for each of the summary records, that I didn’t need. By converting the last record to a summary eliminated the extra record. I know that, with some programming I could get the blank line to not appear, but for these forms it was a lot more complicated than needed. Now, with Pan 6, I can’t convert them back, and have to copy the data from each field into a new record. So… Is there a way to create an Action that allows me to convert a Summary record to a Data record??

The SummaryLevel command can be used to change a summary record to a data record and vice versa.

summarylevel 0

will make it a data record.

summarylevel 1

will make it a level 1 summary record.

In Panorama 6, you also have the Toggle Summary Level menu command.

If you are using “classic” menus, you will find it in the Sort menu.

If you are using the standard menus, you will find it in the Analyze sub menu of the Records menu.

The reason why the menu command to toggle a record between a data and summary record was removed in Panorama X was because I strongly wanted to discourage this operation.

At the moment, the summarylevel statement does work to do this, as Dave mentioned. But I would recommend not relying on this, it may not work in future versions. In fact, it already doesn’t work if the database is shared on a server.

I’m not sure if @SCarryer is doing this on Panorama 6 or Panorama X. He does have a Panorama X account. If you are using Panorama X, I would advise you to change your database so that converting a summary record into a data record is not necessary, I believe that would be worth the trouble.

If you do create summaries, the proper way, you can always add a Summary tile to the report. Then set its height to zero to suppress any output of the summary records.

This works on Pan 6 as well, just via a different interface.