Controlled Access

Is there in Panorama, either Panorama 6 or Panorama X, the ability to control access to data so that a person can access (Read Only) those objects that are “his/hers” and not to other data objects that are not related to him/her?
In our case, a real estate business with agents, does Panorama have the ability to control access so that Agent A can only view (without updating) documents or objects related to Agent A and not to documents or objects for other agents?


As always, there several ways to approach this. An easy way would be to create a log in form when the file is opened or a set up form within the file so each agent can enter their info, like name, extension, etc. The agent’s name could be stored in a permanent variable. Roll your own search so each time an agent does a search for info, Panorama will only present information that is available to that agent. I have created a full featured real estate solution for Century 21 offices and they use the log in approach as it is more professional looking.

There was also a users and groups set up for Panorama 6, but it was always somewhat problematic. In Panorama X there is the following:

The Database Entitlements grid allows you to assign what activities are allowed depending on how you are logged in. You can set up multiple passwords for different roles – user, developer or administrator. See this help page for more information about account roles. (Most of you haven’t set up separate roles, so you are automatically the administrator for your account.)

I haven’t looked into it to see it can do what you want, but it’s a place to start.

I read that you wan the agents to be able to view all info but only edit/modify their listings.

Yes, that too can be accomplished by checking the owner of a record and presenting the Edit Form only when it is the logged in user’s record. Else, they would get a notice dialog.

btw: I illustrated how to let an agent see only their info. If you don’t want them to change the information they are looking at, put a transparent button over the viewing form linked to a procedure that says something like, message :”You are not able to edit this information”. If they click on any field in the form, they will get the message. Obviously, you could link editing to your login name and say if LogInVariable=“Joe”, open an editable form.

In Panorama X there is also a Text Editor Object option called Include in Tab Cycle. If this is un-checked, then the user cannot tab into that object from another object.

Thanks for all the responses. I should say that while I have a technical background in IT, it is at the mainframe/enterprise level and I’m not a user of Panorama, though the owner/broker of this Century21 office is a long time user of Panorama and she has stated she has done some coding of macros, etc in Panorama. I’m asking these questions about access control on her behalf. I’ll pass your responses onto her.

Thanks again.