Console Messages Not being displayed

Using PanX 10.2.0.b3862 and OS 12.0.1, I cannot get any messages showing in the Console. This is true in response to the console statement and for zlog with Log to Console checked. (The zlog message does appear in the file designated for log entries.)

On a similar topic, I do not get any log statements in response to zlog statements that appear in the procedure attached to a form object. I assume that is by design.

Note – this is an experimental build that was sent to Tom and 7 others, so most of you don’t have it. It’s almost identical to the b24 3860 build but has a hardened runtime and is notarized.

I can confirm this issue, on both macOS 12 and macOS 10.12.

The zlog statement is enabled and disabled on a procedure by procedure basis. This is done based on the procedure name, so zlog statements that are not in a named procedure will not work because there is no way to enable the instrumentation. This issue also shows up in code that is run after a field is modified, code in an execute statement, or code in a timer.

To get around this you can use the zlogalways statement, which is always enabled. Of course when you do this there is no way to disable the instrumentation other than to take the zlogalways statement out of the code. Another option is to call a named procedure, and put the zlog statements there.

Update on this issue – it appears that this now works in Panorama X 10.2b26.

Normally I would just mention this in the release notes. However, I create the release notes by going thru the list of commits (code changes), and there is no code change associated with this fix. I just tried it and it works. That’s not quite as magical as it sounds. I suspect that it now works because I updated the SDK Panorama uses. This change was needed to make the code Apple Silicon native, and the Console fix was a happy side effect. As far as I can tell, this change also fixes the “crash after printing” problem, but I’m not going to mark that as fixed until b26 is released and the crash reports stop coming in.

So long story short, I suspect I might forget to mention this “fix” in the b26 release notes, so I’m mentioning it now. For those of you that liked using Instrumentation with the Console, you should be able to do that again once b26 is available, so please make a mental note of this (I’ll try to remember as well). And before you ask, no, I don’t have a definite release date for that, but it may be fairly soon.

:smile: I’ll look forward to that!