Confused by possible unicode issue?

So this is probably an easy one to solve… My text files are being loaded by panorama but the import looks like this (when i copy the flileload() into the clipboard and then into bbedit… )

The red upside down question mark occasionally eats the last letter of whatever came before it and the ∆ is just a tab. I suspect this is a Unicode thing but i have no clue what to do to fix it…

The red upside down question mark is probably a control character. If you knew which character code you could replace it (entered via chr() function) with “” and be done with that. To discover which download “Reveal Invisible Text” from the database exchange.

I think your original text files are not Unicode. You need to find out what encoding system they are using, then specify that encoding using the binarytotext( function. This is discussed in the fileload( documentation.