Compatibility between -- and long dash ub PanX

In my large DB I am using the sign - - (double -) to separate phrases of different languages.

When I imported the DB from Pan6 to PanX, all went OK, and the double - are imported as double - (UTF8: {45, 45})
Now when I enter a new record in PanX, the double - is automatically converted to a long dash (UTF8 {226, 128, 148}). This is not happening in Pan6.

This maybe an Apple artifact as I noticed the same effect in mail for example, you type double - you get a long dash —, but not on other apps like Mathematica for example.

I have to unify the records , for example changing all double - to long dash, but I have a problem here as the Find And Replace is not yet implemented in PanX

Any suggestion?.


You can do a formula fill, using the replace( function.


This is probably due to the Apple text substitution feature. Open System Preferences, then go to the Keyboard panel, then the Text Panel. Then make sure Use smart quotes and dashes is turned off.

You should also check in Panorama to make sure that the Smart Dashes option is off in the Edit>Substitutions submenu.

FYI, Panorama 6 wasn’t affected by these settings because it wasn’t a proper OS X application.

Yes, that’s it!

When I unchecked the automatic spelling correction, I forgot this one.

Thanks, all set now.