Colour in Datasheet

in Pano6 it used to be possible to have selected records in swlwcted fields appear in colour. Choices were limited to 6 colours only, but already this was a tremendous help. In my opinion colour is the most striking and distinctive characteristic at first glance. Better, than varying typefaces or -stiles.
This is not possible in PanoX, according to what I have read in older discussions on this forum.
My question: is there no possibility to add a distinctive colour to a record? Even if that meant the addition of a new field just to contain this distinctive mark, e.g. a solid colour spot, like in MacOS the finder tags.
This should be desirable in the Data Sheet, since this is the first view of any database file and the best overview.
Any suggestions?

Here is my solution for marking records using a couple of emoji symbols. I Named the field “:red_circle:” and use that symbol as the marked record and the “:white_circle:” symbol as unmarked. You can copy these emojis from here or get them from “Emohis & Symbols” from the Edit menu.

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You can display records in a text list in different colors, and you can have that color for each row depend on the data in the record. And you can easily set up a text list that mimics the appearance of the data sheet.

Hi Gary,

this seems to me a very sensible solution, thanks! Especially, as I could make coloured dots in various other colours in the .png format, so the possibilities are nearly endless.
However, I couldn’t figure out, how to name an additional field with a smiley and then how to enter smilies in this field in the respective records. How did you do that?
Also, I imagine, that a non-marked record doesn’t need a white smiley, just leaving that field empty. Is this correct?

Hi Cooper,
thanks! I have already realised that I can make a new tabular view imitating the data view (although I was never able to make this option work). But I am still reluctant to introduce another view duplicating an existing one just for the sake of colour. This would only be a last option if there is no other alternative.

First find the smiley you want to use in Emoji & Symbols, then put the insertion point where you want it to appear. Then you just double-click on the symbol in the list, not the big one in the corner. The character will be typed in at the insertion point.

This is such a cool idea Gary. A benefit of Panorama X’s move to Unicode that I did not anticipate.

This is not true at all since the magic here is using Apple emojis and not png images which will not display in the datasheet. The available emojis in this particular group are: :white_circle: :black_circle: :red_circle: :large_blue_circle:. By choosing Emojis & Symbols from the Edit menu you will open a dialog with all available emojis to choose from. Double clicking any one of them will enter it at your current cursor’s position. Here is what the Emojis & Symbols dialog looks like:

In my example I had the actual field Name as “Checked” but the Title was “:red_circle:”. Using the method above I entered the emoji into the Title box of the Field Properties pane:

You can then enter the desired emoji into the field in the current record the same way you would enter any text.

Field Checked
formulafill ?(One=0,"⚪️","🔴")

Correct. You would use “” instead of an alternate emoji.

Thanks Gary & Dave! I did this and have now the coloured emojis in an added field make those records stand out that I wanted to distinguish. I understand, that I am limited to those emojis which are in a Unicode system with their code and there are very few coloured circles there. But this is already much better, than before. Hopefully, somebody will introduce more colours in the future into the system or find a way to manipulate the colours. Something like the widgets in apple’s system.

… if you limit yourself to use those cycles. In fact, you can use any of the emoji symbols e.g. hearts :heart:️ in 6 colors, a big green square check mark :white_check_mark:, a STOP sign :stop_sign: and many, many more.

P.S. I am seeing that some of the original emoji symbols (like the green check mark) are replaced by similar symbols here on the forum website.