Code Blue - (i.e. too much blue code)

My procedure seems to work OK, but the coloring is not consistent. Should it be? Around line 62 you can see it going blue. I’ve tried commenting out lines, and it seems to fix maybe the next line, but not the entire procedure.

Q2: is there a way to refresh the coloring after editing? I’ve tried the Check button, to no avail. I have to close and reopen the procedure window. For instance, adding double slashes at the start of a line turns it into a comment, that becomes green immediately. But removing them won’t reset the color.

(BTW Jim, this is the .Zip Button procedure in the file I sent to you a few days ago, that causes a crash. I called it Bug 1.)

There are bugs in the syntax coloring code, especially as code is edited. There is no way to reset the syntax coloring other than closing and re-opening the window. The syntax coloring is completely separate from the rest of Panorama’s logic, so the incorrect colors will not have any affect on the operation of your code.

I’ve found that selecting the mis-formatted block of text then shifting it right then left (cmd-] followed by cmd-[) to correct the formatting more quickly than closing then opening the window.