CMD-. doesn't stop procedure

Right from the first time I turned it on, Pan X hasn’t responded to CMD-. keystrokes. Any ideas as to what might cause that? It’s presumably yet another symptom of whatever keeps bugging my iMac despite half a dozen clean installs and I’m still looking for clues.

Command-Period is not currently implemented in Panorama X. So that has nothing to do with your computer.

What is the recommended way to stop a procedure while it is running?

The only way to do it is to force quit Panorama.

Panorama X 10.2 has a new feature that allows you to specify a maximum runtime for looping code, it will automatically stop the code if the loop runs beyond that. Here is the help page for this (of course this won’t help you until the new release comes out).

Force Quit? Not for me. lol I don’t like those things.

I’ve found that if I play with the menus, or open a Help window, or such, that that interruption does cause my Loop to halt. I have 20K records that I’m doing calcs on and after a period of time (perhaps 15 minutes) I get bored and want to get back to work, so I interrupt it. I’ll start it up again on the un-calc’d records but no Force Quits for me. :wink: