Closing Text Editor Object with Procedure

I have a Text Editor Object that has procedure code set to execute when closed with tab or return. This works great unless the Text Editor Object is left active and a button on the form is pressed that executes other code. I have put “closeactiveobject” in the code for the button, I have tried

starttimer "closeIt",
"code",{activeobjectaction "close"},

with no success. It seems the Text Editor Object with a variable or field will not update if there is a procedure with it. It does update if no procedure.


I thought it would be good to update this topic.
After several days of going through the Panorama documentation and trying many different functions, I was unable to find a way of activating a TEO remotely. Unable, that is, until I found Michael’s question from Jan. 1, “Is there an equivalent of editcell that works in a form?”, and Jim’s answer. A few minutes later, I found this question from long ago. I immediately tried out the reverse statement and found that it works just fine.

objectaction “object name”, “close”

Is there a definitive list of every action that can ge used with every type of object? I can’t think of where to find that.

Hi Tom.

My approach to Panorama X so far has been mostly hunt and peck. If I have a problem, I check the Help pages, and sometimes I scan through the Panorama 6 documentation. I have not read the Panorama 6 texts from cover to cover, so I have missed a lot. In Jim’s answer to Michael, he pointed to the Panorama 6 programing book. I had time to check it out today, and there is a list there, starting on page 670, under the heading Text Editor SuperObject Commands. Other than the
fact that it refers to SuperObjects, which before this would have confused me, these commands probably work as well for Objects in Panorama X, as Jim implied.

Thanks. I will look at that. Tom

No, sorry, I haven’t gotten to that yet.