Closing a file without saving

I was experimenting with Pano X. I made a few test changes to a file and when I closed the file, I wanted to ignore the “save changes?” dialog. Instead no dialog came up and the next time I opened the file the changes had been saved! IMO Pano’s strength in Pano 6, is that it is RAM based and the user decides when to commit to Disk/Solid State Storage. Pano X apparently writes to storage all the time? Is there a way to disable this?

Check the various versions of revert to saved.

Panorama X uses standard Apple auto-saving, which normally doesn’t ask if you want to save changes when closing a document. If you do want it to ask, you can go to the General panel of system preferences and check them Ask to keep changes when closing documents option. Note that this will not just affect Panorama, it will affect any program that uses standard Apple document handling.

My System Preferences window doesn’t have a General panel - should there be one? I’m on OS 10.12.6.

Thanks! Works perfectly.

Michael, “General” is the upper left icon in the System Preference window,
I’m also using OS 10.12.6, on the “black cylinder” Mac.

Well it’s not there in mine:

… but it is in my MacBookPro

Jim, could this be a clue to the strange behaviour my iMac exhibits in Panorama X ?

Try choosing Customize from the View menu, and see if it’s there without a check in the box.

There is a combo updater available for 10.12.6. Downloading and running it might fix/replace any broken/missing OSX files on your system while still leaving you running 10.12.6 I’m still running 10.11.6 (with intact General pref pane) so my suggestion is solely based on combo updaters being a long time standard OSX fix, short of a full re-install, rather than any particular experience with this one. Of course do a good backup, on general principals, before trying it.

You never cease to amaze with your ability to hit the bullseye every time Dave. Thank you yet again.

I’ll second that. I had no idea that option was there. Maybe it’s sort of a “parental controls” thing? Otherwise I can’t imagine why you would ever want to do that.

Dave – I’m curious, did you already know about the customize feature, or did you just figure that out right now in response to Michael’s question? It’s cool either way.

Also, you have some interesting items on the bottom row of your System Preferences. A google search suggests ICS Mac is related to internet sharing. That bottom row is full, I wonder what happens when you add another item! Or what if you added a dozen items?

I did not know about the feature. I just started clicking menus, and that one looked promising.

I was in a University computer lab at the time I posted that. I think ICS is Instructional Computer Services. I don’t have administrator access to those machines, so I can’t add anything.