Close Window with option key

The Menu/Close Window command changes to the wrong thing with the option key ispressed, although it seems to do what is expected (all the windows close but Panorama is still running; not sure what it did, if anything, with secret databases. It changes to <>. This is after installing b6.

It changes to what?? I don’t understand what you are saying you see, do you literally see <>?

On my system it shows “Close All”. I don’t understand where “All” is coming from, that isn’t in the source code at all. Maybe Apple is changing it behind my back? In fact, they must be, grrr, why are they doing that? There is not supposed to be separate Close Window/Close Database menu items, that is supposed to be one menu item that changes when you press the Shift key.

I don’t know what is actually running when Close All is pressed, there is no code in Panorama X to perform that operation! However, there isn’t any code in Panorama X for close window either – that is handled by Apple’s NSWindow class. (There is code for Close Database.) There must be some Apple method that closes all windows, but at the moment I cannot find any documentation for it.

FYI, this is not new to this beta, I just tested and Panorama X 10.1 does this also. I suspect that all versions of Panorama X have done this.

Sorry. Part of my message is missing. I will check and correct this is about 45 minutes.

The Close Window Menu items, when the option key is pressed, changes to <<Close All -unlocalized>>. When I select it, all the Panorama windows close. Panorama continues to be open. The Close Database item is directly below this one and does not change when the option key is pressed.