Close Window button doesn't always work

I wish I could give more specifics, but for now I’m reporting that there is some frequency in which I can’t close a window by clicking on the red close button, especially if it’s the last window of a file.

When this happens, I’ve found that I can open another window in the file, then close the one that wouldn’t close and, usually, I can then close the newly opened window.

Possibly others will recognize this and can add some details.

Just a thought: Are these files with relationships? I am wondering if it has anything to do with a file that is supposed to be kept open.

If a procedure is running, you can’t close windows (just as you can’t use the menus). Though then I would not think you would be able to open windows either.

There is also an option to make a window uncloseable. This can be set when you open a form, or at any time with the setwindowoptions statement (the latter is new). However, this option is completely independent between windows, so opening another window should not affect being able to close a different window. I don’t know of anything that should cause that, but the code for window closing did change in b21, so perhaps there is a new bug.

It happened again. If I chose Quit or clicked on the Close button, nothing happened. The menus were not dimmed, the file has no relationships set up at this time and there is no .CurrentRecord procedure.

I was able to activate and close the windows of another file. I noticed that the window displayed Edited along with the window name so I chose the not-dimmed Save in the File menu and then the close button worked.

I’m not aware of the circumstances that led to it but will be paying attention.