Close File Error on Server

This seems to be a new issue, and it seems to be harmless (fingers crossed).

On my local machine I open a web sharing database and it synchs as it should. I can modify procedures, etc and all seems to be working as it should.

But when I close the file on my computer, I get this error:
Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at 4.13.11 PM

File and server name have been blacked out for client privacy

Scrutinizing the code, I can see a way that this alert could appear. I think you’re going to tell me that this isn’t what happened, but I think it must be, as a global code search indicates that this is the only code in Panorama that could display this exact alert message.

First of all, I think your preferences are set to show a notification when a server error occurs, not an alert (this is in the Client preferences panel).


Secondly, I think an error really did happen on the server – the server was unable to close this file on the server for some reason. At that point an error notification appeared, and you clicked on it. This is where I think you are going to tell me that this didn’t happen, but doing this would definitely make exactly the alert you have posted appear. In fact, it doesn’t have to have been right away, at any time you could have clicked on this notification in the notification center and this alert would appear. If the notification is still there, you could click it again now and this alert would appear.

The alert contents are a cosmetic error, it should be showing as a proper error message. I have corrected this.

The actual error itself is not a cosmetic problem – there really was a problem in closing the database on the server. Unfortunately because of the cosmetic problem the actual error message from the server is not displayed in the alert. It should show up in the notification, however.

The Notification still exists and here’s a more complete error message in case it’s any help:
AlertModal error, value parameter of TITLE=COULD NOT CLOSE PxxxxS ON MxxxxL PANX SERVER


Thank you, that is (somewhat) helpful. I only see one place in the code where this error could originate. Actually, even there it seems like it is impossible, but I have added extra error checking.

If you see this again and remember, please look in the server logs. It should show the stack trace of where the error occurred. Also, apparently you have instrumentation enabled, so there may be useful information in the instrumentation log.

I think this error does indicate the the code to close the file on the server did not finish, so the file is left open on the server in an unknown state. This probably won’t cause problems, but the cautious approach would be to stop and restart the server.