Clicking the Matrix doesn't always trigger the code

I don’t use matrices, but was curious after reading the recent posts on matrix issues. So I created a simple database of three fields, four rows, and put in some arbitrary text data. I created a form and added a matrix object and object frame, clicked pass through and Database Navigator. The data is all displayed the way I expect. When I click on a new row, the highlighted row changes, but the code is not executed. If I click the row a second time, the code (in the Matrix Object procedure) runs. If I click the same row again, the procedure does not run; nor any subsequent clicks on the same row. If I click a new row, the pattern repeats: the new row is highlighted, and on the second click on that row, the procedure runs.
BTW, the matrix object code is matrixclick, and the “real” code is located in the text display objects on the object frame. The real code in each case is just alertsheet with a message.
I hope this is just a basic error on my part, being a novice when it comes to matrices. I have not seen this problem reported on the Forum by others.

I am likewise using a simple test database to check this out, but I am not seeing the behavior you describe. I am seeing the test code in the text display objects reliably running whenever clicked regardless of whether the matrix cell is currently selected or not. I do observe that the click needs to be within the strict confines of the TDO. Clicks within the matrix cell but outside any of the objects does update the matrix cell selection, but does not trigger any of the TDO code, which is what I would expect. (I needed to put a visible border on my TDOs to clearly see this.)