Clicking on a map moves the form

I have put a map on a webobject in a form. Clicking on it moves the form so that some of the elements on it are off the left edge of the form, and I cannot find any way of moving it back, except to switch to graphic mode. Does anyone have another idea?

Possibly a little button with the code: formxy 0,0.

Possibly, but why does it move in the first place? That is a bug.

I don’t quite understand the original post. Are you saying the web object moves? Or the entire form moves, as if you scrolled the form. If the latter, perhaps you accidentally scrolled the form with a trackpad gesture? There is no mechanism by which clicking on a web browser object can either move the object or scroll the form.

I know that I sometimes I get accidentally scrolling and/or zooming from accidental gestures on my Magic Mouse or trackpad. This is not just in Panorama, but in many apps, including Safari, Xcode, and others. I’ve assumed that this is an Apple issue (and I agree that it is annoying)

The entire form moves, as if I scrolled the form. All I have to do is click on the map:

goes to:

I can duplicate this on the first click in the browser after coming out of graphics mode.