Cleaning up an imported list

I used to have a cleanup procedure in my library of tools that would easily clean up a list that was going to be imported but alas, I’ve lost this. :frowning: Does anyone have a cleanup procedure that they are proud of and would be willing to share? I want to go from this…


to this…

Michael McDougal, LLC
202 NE 132nd St
McCloud, MN 30325

There are a lot of items that my example above does not show that I had collected over the years and the more issues handled the better. And as I can’t find an upcoming function for this in Pano X, perhaps we can get one added there?

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Looks like a job for RegEx.

There was a Panorama developer from Washington, DC, who created a Pan program he was selling as TextCleaner. I can’t recall when I last saw it and can’t find a copy. That seems like one of its features - per my memory.

That was Glen Kowalski. I see Text Cleaner is still being offered at but I don’t think it will do all the reformatting Robert is looking to accomplish.

Not a problem. I’m was just hoping to save some time. I’ve already started a bunch of this but it took quite a bit of time to run into most of the situations that I’d like to just be done with.

To others, if you’d like to offer some issues/items that function should handle, I’d love to hear about them as I recreate what many users might like.

I use this custom function that cleans up addresses:

uwaddress(addr) = replacemultiple(upperword(addr),"0Th,1St,1Th,2Nd,2Th,3Rd,3Th,4Th,5Th,6Th,7Th,8Th,9Th,Po ",“0th,1st,1th,2nd,2th,3rd,3th,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th,PO “,”,”)

(That is short for UpperWordAddress, in case you were wondering.)

Devon Technologies has WordService, available in the App Store, that lets you choose how selected text is capitalized in the Service menu for all modern apps, which excludes Panorama 6. There is also CalcService, which does calculations. They are free, must-have apps.

I still have not figured out how to get Post Office corrected addresses off the web. It probably would be best to use the USPS APIs, but that requires registration, and perhaps a little more savvy than I have. I think it could be registered through Provue, and then we could all use them.