Clairvoyance Sound

Is there a way to turn off the Clairvoyance sound? I cannot find anything in the preferences panel.
Thanks in advance.

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I’m sorry, there is no way to turn the sound off.

Has this changed, as it’s really annoying.

All right, here we again with another of Gary’s stupid hacks. This code will create a timer that runs every second to check to see if the current field has clairvoyance turned on and then automatically mutes the volume while you are in any such field. Go to another field with clairvoyance turned off and the volume will return to its previous setting. The first shellscript( makes sure the timer only runs when Panorama is the active application. This timer would be run in the .Initialize procedure.

starttimer "autoMute","scope","database","code",|||
If shellscript({osascript -e 'tell application "System Events" to get name of application processes whose frontmost is true and visible is true'})="PanoramaX"
        define myVolume,applescript({output volume of (get volume settings)})
        if getdictionaryvalue(getfieldproperties("",info("fieldname")), "CLAIRVOYANCE")="Off"
            applescript {set volume }+str(val(myVolume)*.07)
            If applescript({output volume of (get volume settings)})≠"0" 
                applescript {set volume 0}

Certainly not the solution to the problem but the only thing I could think of other than manually turning the volume on and off via the F10 and F12 keys.

I hope they change this. It serves no function whatsoever.

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No further update on this, 2 1/2 years later?

Sometimes I like the clairvoyance sound, but sometimes I want it off, but don’t want to entirely mute my system. It’s very hard to believe this is a difficult fix and that there isn’t a way to turn off the sound if you don’t want it.

And even though I have the system set to play alerts through the Mac Mini speaker, and not my attached external speakers, PanoramaX plays it’s BONG at high levels through the external ones.

Peter F