Clairvoyance not working

Clairvoyance is not working.

I’ve recently upgraded to 10.2.0b35.


Cannot confirm that. It’s working here (Intel-MBP, macOS 14.2).

Clairvoyance is not working in a specifc database that uses Remote Clairvoyance with a Joined database. The clairvoyance has worked fine for multiple years.

Deleted the Relation and recreated it. The relation error when I tried to Test Keys told me that an existing field does not exist. The fields in the current database were brought in automatically by Panorama so I’m not clear on the cause for the error.

I was able to duplicate this error in one of my test databases, with a line item field linked to a non line item field. This code wasn’t changed in the b35 release, so I will have to investigate what is going on here.

The investigation is complete. The problem is in the code for the Test Keys button - the test doesn’t work if the key is a line item field. (Note, this is not a new bug - it never worked.) I have fixed this for the next release.

In the meantime, the relation does work, including Clairvoyance. You just can’t test it using the button (for now).

My problem does continue as the Clairvoyance does not work but has worked fine in the database for ~2 years. I only went back and mucked with the Relations window in my attempt to figure out why it was not working. Thus I deleted the old relation, replicated it, (tested it and was suprised by the bug which I thought was my problem), but the Clairvoyance continues to not work. And dang, when a user (me) is used to Clairvoyance, and it does not work, it is really felt.

It is not a random non occurring thing. I have ~100 → 200 different name entries and they always all work extremely well for me and now none of them are working.

Sounds like you’ll need to send me a copy of the files involved, along with a detailed description of how to reproduce it. There should be no reason why Clairvoyance works any different with b35 compared to any earlier versions, it works in my tests, and no one else is reporting problems.

Maybe before you do that you might try installing b34 and see if the new version really is the difference. You can use the Check for Updates window to download the older version if you don’t still have it.

Robert has sent me his files and I have been able to track down the problem. This problem is actually due to a fix in the b34 release, not the b35 release. In the b34 release a fix was made so that the remote clairvoyance feature would work correctly if the field in the destination database contained spaces or punctuation. However, the fix wasn’t done properly, so in the process it broke the remote clairvoyance feature if the source formula was explicitly specified.

This bug wouldn’t actually affect anything until you used the Database Options dialog. Making any change in this dialog will break the remote clairvoyance feature (not just in the Relations panel, but a change in any panel of this dialog). Robert, I think you must have made some change in this dialog, and that is when you started seeing this problem.

For the moment, there are two possibly workarounds. One fix would be to go back to the b33 release. If you do this you’ll need to open the Database Options dialog and press the Ok button to actually fix the bug.

Another option would be to manually apply the fix with the Field Properties dialog. You’ll need to open this dialog and find the CLAIRVOYANCEFORMULA option. You’ll see that the formula has extra « and » characters at the beginning and end of the formula, these need to be removed. Robert, in your case you’ll need to do this for the Crew1 field, then Crew2, Crew3 etc. A drawback of this fix method is that it will be undone if you ever open the Database Options dialog and make any change, the problem will be back again, and you would have to manually apply the fix again.

When the next version of Panorama X is released, this problem will be fixed.