Clairvoyance? Not working for us

We have a file, previously developed in the prior version of Pan. and we used clairvoyance regularly. Some of the lines we had there would have a 2 or 3 words in the field and clairvoyance would duplicate those as we typed the first few letters. No more, there is nothing even though all the text fields have clairvoyance checked. What has changed? Is there a trick?

— Richard

Your report doesn’t have much detail. There haven’t been any reports of problems with Clairvoyance up until now. There is one difference – at this time Panorama X doesn’t support Clairvoyance that is linked to a second database. Is that what you have been using?

The file is one that we had developed with the prior version of Pan. and then imported or opened and used in X. I don’t know that is linked, don’t really know what that means. The column I had been trying out, that would be an example contained words like “1-ACCOUNTS ART” and before, in the older version as soon as “1-” was typed in clairvoyance would complete the text. Now when we type in any of this nothing happens.
How can I make the explanation more clear? Should I try to take a picture?

Pictures are great. Gifs are even better. (Movies are usually unnecessary.)

A linked Clairvoyance would involve multiple tables or databases. The ‘lookup’ or search that Clairvoyance would use would be for a possible match in another table.

Robert Ameeti

Richard, the only way you can tell if the Panorama 6 original file had a “Link” with another file is within Panorama 6 using the original file. Any Link that was in the original file is removed when transporting to Panorama X because, as Jim stated, these links are not yet supported in Pan X.

So, if you open the original file in Panorama 6 and go to the Design Sheet you will see a column for “Link”. See if in that column on the line with your field name you have anything entered. If there is that means Clairvoyance is “linked” to another file.

I made a movie showing Clairvoyance working in a way that I think is similar to what you are describing.

At this point for me to investigate your problem more fully I think you would have to email me a copy of the file (please compress it to a zip file before sending, and include instructions for duplicating the problem). However, right now the server is having an outage, so there may be a delay in my receiving and/or dealing with the file.

Thanks for the offer. The file is my wife’s and she uses it for all her financial info and does not want me to send it out. Sorry.
However, I can add that I created a new empty file on my computer just now. Set up 4 clairvoyance fields and they all worked fine. Must have to do with the older file don’t you think?

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