Clairvoyance and Field Names

After quite a bit of testing, I’m confidently reporting that field names with a space, such as Last Name fail to work as the source field in a Clairvoyant link. Change it to LastName and it kicks right in.

The Test Keys button shows the link working.

I discovered the issue when trying to run a process that I’m positive worked in the past, so was there a change?? In this case the Clairvoyance was trying to acquire an email address from a field named «Email Addresses».

Changing to EmailAddresses made it work again.

I cannot say if there are other field name formats that are also problematic.

I was able to duplicate this problem and fix it.

You should be able to get it temporarily working by opening the Field Blueprint for the To field (in the current database) and putting chevrons around Email Addresses. However, this temporary fix will break the next time you use the Database Options dialog.

Got it. Thanks.

And fortunately I recently learned about Clairvoyance in the Field Blueprint. :smirk: