Chosefiledialog title option?

When using ChooseFileDialog with option “Title” I don’t have any title showing. But then without that option I don’t have the ‘default’ “open” title either, I’m title-less. Is this a limitation from my still running High Sierra, a clash with my running Default Folder which also modifies open/save dialogs, a known problem with Pan X or something else?

I tested it under Mojave and can confirm the issue: There is no title in the dialog. And it is not DefaultFolder X’s fault: I excluded Panorama X from DFX, but the behavior remained the same: no title in the File Open … dialog.

Panorama X uses a standard Apple class called NSOpenPanel to display this dialog. This inherits from another class, NSSavePanel. Apple’s documentation for the NSSavePanel class includes a method called setTitle to specify the title of the dialog. This works fine for the NSSavePanel. Since NSOpenPanel is derived from NSSavePanel, it also has the setTitle method, and the code compiles fine with no errors. But apparently Apple doesn’t actually display this title string, at least in recent versions of macOS. I don’t have anything older than 10.12 to test it on. When I first wrote this code it was OS X 10.7, maybe it worked then. Anyway, there is nothing I can do about this, so probably this should be removed from the documentation.

Sorry for the super technical info. Bottom line, this doesn’t work and won’t work unless Apple decides they want it to (which I doubt will ever happen).