Choices text list not triggering procedure

I can’t find this particular bug/situation mentioned anywhere else on the forum, so I’ll describe it here so one of the sages can point me in the right direction toward a solution:

I’m trying to trigger a procedure after a choice is made in a form text field that is populated by a Choice List in the field properties in the data sheet. When I end data entry in the field on the form after making a choice in the popup, the procedure in the text list object is not triggered–if I end it with a tab, it merely tabs to the next field; if I end it with a return, it jumps to the previous field–even though the procedure attached to the text list should be opening another small window to adjust the date in the next field (both return and tab are selected as procedure triggers).

There’s no code in the properties box of the field in the data sheet, so that’s not affecting anything.

At a loss.

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Okay, I just tried this again with a brand new database, with only the initial record in it and only one field. I set up a form with a text editor object for a field with several choices input in the data entry section of the field properties, and a simple message statement in the procedure pane, and once again nothing happened when I tabbed or pressed the return key despite both of them being checked as data entry terminators.

I wanted to make sure something else wasn’t going on with some prior procedure in my much more complicated database mentioned above.

I have confirmed this bug, and added it to the list.

In the meantime, I recommend using a pop-up menu button object instead of a text editor in this application.