Choices pop-up window

I have a field with close to 100 different choices but given the font size I can never see all choices in the pop-up choices window. If the record is at the bottom of my display, I see only one choice and if the record is near the top of my display I still miss quite a few choices. Would it be possible to provide a scrolling bar to the choices pop-up window?

I don’t think the choices pop-up window is appropriate for 100 choices. I would recommend using the regular text editor with Clairvoyance.

Hi Jim,

It would probably work “as is” if the font size of the choices pop-up window would adjust to the font size of the database which it currently does not.

An alternative would be to allow for more columns of choices when the choices pop-up window is made wider by dragging the corner.

I actually have 77 choices and use this database daily for accounting.

Thanks and best wishes for 2017,