Choices Interface

There seems to be no way to cancel Automatic Choices in the Datasheet other than editing the Field Blueprint.

Since large Choice lists are unworkable, the popup menu is a very nice option, but tabbing through the datasheet doesn’t activate it. That makes it necessary to click elsewhere, then click on the desired cell. Ideally activating the cell would activate the menu.

Hi, I need help with cancelling automatic choice list. I opened the Blueprint for this cell and deleted everything, but that did not work, so I just deleted the text for “CHOICES” and that did not work. I updated the field after these changes. I also tried deleting the Choices that were in the data cell in the Field Properties window, but nothing I do gets rid of the choices.

May have solved the problem. I should not have deleted “CHOICES”, rather should have set it to “Off”. Problem solved by asking the question. Now if the database would just stop crashing. Trying to convert Pan 6 databases to PanX.