Choices Dialog Box

I wish to suggest that the Choices Dialog box in the Data Sheet automatically has a vertical scroll bar so the user can scroll a large list of choice items e.g., General Ledger Chart of Accounts with 200 account codes/names.

At present, if a user double clicked on the respect field in the Data Sheet, the dialog box will not display all items if the list is greater than the Data Sheet screen estate.

The Choices dialog box is intended for a limited number of choices - usually a handful but definitely not more than a dozen, and certainly not 200. I would suggest using Clairvoyance for this application. Alternately you could set up any UI you want in a form, for example a Text List could be what you want.

Check out Searchable List in the Panorama Help. That could work well for you.

Thanks Jim.

Thanks James. I tried the Searchable List.

Frank, you can get a little bit closer to your aim with this piece of code, if you enter it in the Code tab of the field’s properties. The code gives you a scrollable Choices list at the point where you clicked YourField in the Data Sheet.

popupclick arraysort(listchoices(YourField),cr()), YourField, YourField
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