Check printing option

I assume there is no built in check printing module.

Nothing built in, but it is pretty easy to set up a form to print checks.

Okie Dokie, I’m gonna give it a whirl. ezCheckPrinting for Mac, which I’ve been trying, is a mess. I’m always inspired when the programmers write “CVS” instead of “CSV”; nor will the primitive CSV import function (the only option) successfully import a comma in a field. But this is all OT, so I’m moving on.

I’ve been printing checks with Panorama for nearly 30 years, using a form as Bruce indicated. I use checks from Deluxe that have one check per sheet, which makes it easier. The check itself is in the middle with blank areas above and below that can be separated with perforations. I just looked at them to try to figure out the exact product name but unfortunately I couldn’t figure it out and the Deluxe web site isn’t accepting my password so I can’t check that way. I would think any of the 1 per page checks on this page could be made to work pretty easily, but I would avoid the 3 per page unless you always print checks in groups of three.

Early indications are not good. I’m not experienced with Panorama forms. Also, I need 3/page on blank stock, which I have, no stubs. I have the MICR font, though I’m not sure whether I’d get the check number to fill in. So I started as one would with a 3-up Word merge file, picking the matrix object, resizing for 3 per page (3.5 inches high), but I’m not getting text where I want it, and I haven’t even started with “merge” fields. Probably started with the wrong concept. Maybe I’ll see if I can do 1-up and then see if 3-up is possible – should be, it is just a big fat label, really.

Since you mention the MICR font, that makes me wonder if you are trying to print checks on blank paper. Though theoretically that should be possible, I have never done that, and I think that would be a lot more work to set up. My recommendation would be to purchase blank 1-up checks from Deluxe or a similar vendor rather than trying to print on blank paper. You order them just like regular checks, you tell them the account number and what number range you want. That will also give you anti-conterfit features and magnetic ink.

I print onto 3-up preprinted checks. Each data tile is the size of the check, and the text boxes are placed in the proper locations on the check. It took a little fidgeting to locate them properly, but once they are in the right place, they print fine. I did a similar process for 1099 forms, which have to be printed on the IRS form.

How do you avoid wasting checks if you don’t have a multiple of 3 to print?

I have one day a year when I need to print about 70 checks. The rest of the time I have one or two checks a month. I print the latter by hand. If I had a printer that could do individual checks easily, I might do it differently. It depends on your equipment and your needs.

I don’t have any special equipment, just an inexpensive Brother printer. Since the checks I buy are 1 per page, I can print however many I need. Before printing, I run a procedure that tells me how many checks to put in the printer. I do have to be careful to put them in the printer in the correct orientation (in my case face down), and I have to remember to be sure that double sided printing is turned off!

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve recognized that I have CRS and thus, rather than try to remember to ’turn off double sided printing’ and things of that sort, I have incorporated “Messages’ that give me a checklist of exactly what I need to do to accomplish that task.

  1. Insert paper face down
  2. Turn off double-sided printing
    OK Cancel

Makes my life so much easier. And it also allows others to step in and theoretically accomplish a task when necessary.

I do that also, further, I put in a message after the checks print to confirm that they printed correctly, and if not then the same batch of checks can be re-printed. I also have a gettext pop up for the correct starting check number to make sure that the pre-printed and computer generated check numbers match. I will second or third that pre-printed single page checks are great for this! Print, sign, fold and stuff…

Ok, so I’m intrigued. I hope to never have enough bills to pay that I need to resort to printing of checks, but still, when I looked at the Deluxe web site, after selecting Middle format, and multipurpose, I was still left with 90 options! I’m not seeing what ‘High Security’ over ’Standard’ offers me, but what the heck makes up so many different choices? I do see a few with graphics, but the rest? They all look so identical. How do you choose?

(Personally, when I need to ’send a check’, I let my bank print and mail it at no cost to me.)

High Security has watermarking and other security features like (embedded fibers and holograms), which obviously costs a bit more…I would go with High Security these days.

There are so many, because every brand of accounting software decided to space things just a bit differently…so, if you are using off the shelf accounting software you need to find the right one. If you are creating a form in Panorama, you’ll be adapting your spacing to whatever form you choose, so pick the one you like the look of!

Oh, I’m printing on official “check stock” right now with ezCheckPrinting (not mac friendly). The account/bank/check number required stuff is printed at the bottom. One can format all the other fields, and it converts 9.88 entered inthe input screen to Nine and 99/00, etc. I handle money for several nonprofits, and I have set up ezCheckPrinting accounts for each of them, with logo, address, etc. Definitely not trying to print on blank “paper”.

I only write about 3 checks a year, personally, these days. But here’s the deal. I have a lot to do with certain conventions, and we recently had one in March that ended after one day. I handled all the data, but luckily wasn’t the treasurer. He used Quicken (which does print checks) and got preprinted stock from his bank (Chase). But we had a lot of discussions when setting up this procedure, and I stumbled onto ezCheckPrinting. The other guy had to issue about 350 checks when it was over. I face a similar problem as treasurer for the next convention, just cancelled. I wanted to be prepared if I had to issue scores or even over 100 checks. My registration DB is in Panorama, so if I could directly print out of Panorama, life would take on a new glow. As it is, with only 9 checks so far, I export data and go through the primitive CSV import process to ezCheckPrinting. I am not concerned about security. I have standard semi-secure check stock, no watermars or frightening patterns. 500 sheets of 3-up for $35 or something.

I’m not that worried about security. But check layout/appearence is actually quite flexible, if you think about it. I’ve seen hundreds or actually thousands of checks the last few years dealing with the nonprofits I work with (unpaid, of course). The only real concern is the MICR coding at the bottom, and that has to be within certain parameters. Quicken, Quickbooks, ezCheckPrinting all know this and make it work. The MICR font is built to comply, though one could mess it up. When I ran my first self-created check through Wells Fargo and then Citibank, I was happy to find out that it simply worked.

I debated the 3 or 1 option. I get those large checks with a tear-off bit, and presumably the sender has torn off the bottom stub. But I didn’t want paper stubs. Figured 3-up was cheaper (not even my money!) in the long run. I can print “blank” checks, numbered sequentially, and while ezCheckPrinting never figured out how to do it, they do allow you to print a blank numbered check top, middle, bottom. So if I have 2 checks to print, and I don’t want to waste the bottom third, I run the paper through the printer twice, and print the blank on the bottom. But, again, 1500 checks cost about $35, so if I waste one here and there, I’m not too worried. That works out to 2.3 cents wastage or something. Actually, I won’t live long enough to use up those 500 sheets of check stock with the nonprofits I help manage…

Having worked with another person who did get preprinted checks from his bank, I seriously considered that option, but I went with blank 3-up stock because I could and it was a lot cheaper and I could use the same blank check stock for several nonprofits (and possibly others in the future) without having to order for/from different banks. ezCheckPrinting has clunky but totally functional settings to get the data printed in the right places on blank or preprinted stock. And you can have multiple accounts. I just am deeply unhappy about their tragically outdated and inept Mac functionality and import operations. I doubt I’ll be able to get Panorama to do what I want, but with all the time available now, I figured I’d give it a shot.

I am gonna have to question the statement tht it is “pretty easy” to set up a form to print checks! Or maybe it is me. I don’t have much experience with forms in Panorama. But what I need is not just text fields to print one check on a sheet; I need 3 per sheet, and I need it to update the check number both at the top right and in the MICR line at the bottom. But I have not yet figured out how to do a 3-up “label” form/output, that I could do in Word in 5 minutes, so you can see how “challenged” I am in Panorama-land!