ChannelCall Error - SendOneEmail

Today we are tinkering with the SendOneEmail statement. We are new to this idea sending a few automated but personalized emails to our customer group knowing the limits of our service provider. In testing our procedure we are getting the following error:

ChannelCall Error: no active module for Email channel.

We appreciate any help in figuring this out.

Robert, thanks for the tip, but now I have a new error:


This appears to be a system error. Checking on line I see a recommendation to turn Automation on under Security and Privacy, but I don’t see a checkbox for Panorama X or Apple Mail. It looks like I still need a little more help.


This is a bug that appeared with the b26 beta, and will be fixed in the next beta. In the mean time, the work around is to temporarily re-install b25, check the appropriate boxes, and then return to b26.

Dave, thanks for explanation. We are a bit unorganized here. Do you happen have a link and instructions for downloading and installing B25 and then a link and instructions for downloading B26?

  • Open Panorama (if not already open)
  • Choose Check for Updates from the Panorama menu
  • Choose 10.2.0b25 from the Versions menu.
  • Download and install b25.
  • Send mail again, and approve add the necessary approval in System Preferences
  • Repeat the steps above to install b26 again.
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