Changing Time Out on Record Locking

Per the documentation, the time for unlocking records on shared files can only be changed on each computer: Note: When the timeout is modified after the database has already been changed to a sharable database, the change applies only to the current computer. You must repeat it on the other computers on the network if you want them to use the same settings.

That implies that even a Critical New Generation won’t change it. Is that true? Meaning the only way to change it globally is to detach the file(s), make the change, then re-share it, requiring everyone to replace all involved files.

I think a critical new generation will change it, but I’m not 100% sure. Probably 98% sure. Ok, I haven’t tested it, but I just looked at the code, and I’ll up that to 99% sure.

What the documentation is referring to is if you simply change the setting and then press the Ok button, but without doing a new generation. I think that new sharing generation didn’t even exist when that documentation was written, so that could probably be revised.

After several tests, I can say with some certainty that the Auto Unlock cannot be set or changed via New Generation; critical or non-critical. Fields, forms, procedures all change as expected.