Changing Fill Color and Text Color in a Popup Button

No matter what I seem to do I cannot change the background fill color for a Popup Button.

Nor can I change the font color.

Not a show stopper because I am now using as an alternative a popupclick statement and using an object that I overlay text.

This is what I mean.

When I “Pop” it is more readable but on the form by itself it is just this lousy dark color with black text.

When executed:

I will be looking at Gary’s:

"The Custom Button Generator is free and can be downloaded at:"

I have to do a little more concentrating on that on. I intend to put a sound in also so besides a visual flash but getting an audible click too.


The Popup button object is a Cocoa object. For Cocoa objects, only Apple’s “official” style is allowed. You cannot change the color, background color, text color (or size or font).

The upside is that when Apple changes the appearance of various objects (as they did when Big Sur was released), your Panorama objects will automatically change to match the operating system you are using.

Thank Jim,

You’re the man and that is an anti Hyperbole.

Like I mentioned I am using other features that you so brilliantly have ensconced into this magnificent software.

I wanted to be stubborn and “fix” my problem.

You fixed it.

Thank you as always.

Option B, which works for me. Is now the default.


“… changing the appearance …” can mean changing the size. Changing the size means that if you are scrunched down to the minimum for your text, and the button size gets smaller … Same issue for the real estate around your button should the next version be larger.

Best not to design to extremes (unless everything else automatically grows/shrinks as required).

Just say’n.